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Begin Your Healing Journey With Physical Therapy in Lockwood, MO From PPS Therapies

At PPS Therapies, your recovery journey matters. Our dedicated physical therapists work diligently with you to develop a custom recovery plan after an injury, surgery, or illness. With modern practices and technologically advanced equipment, you will soon be back on your feet and feeling strong. Learn how PPS Therapies can help you achieve your recovery goals today.

Find Advanced Physical Therapy Techniques & Modalities with PPS Therapies in Lockwood, MO

Your recovery journey should be unique and designed exclusively for your injury or pain. PPS Therapies provides just that. Our team of highly trained physical therapists works closely with you and your doctor to ensure your healing journey is effective and smooth. We care so deeply because we are members of the Lockwood, MO community who are passionate about helping those around us. When you require physical or occupational therapy after an injury, medical procedure, or illness, work with PPS Therapies. We are passionate about helping you heal.

We achieve our patient recovery goals thanks to modern methods and equipment. With groundbreaking physical therapy practices and industry-leading equipment, your recovery will be challenging but achievable. Even through the toughest of days, PPS Therapies will be by your side to support you.

To begin your recovery, contact our physical therapists in Lockwood, MO today. We can’t wait to help you reach your recovery goals.

PPS Therapies offers a variety of services in Lockwood, MO including physical & occupational therapy

Depending on your injury or surgical procedure, you will need a recovery plan designed to meet your needs and expectations. In order to cater to our clients, PPS Therapies offers a large selection of therapies locally in Lockwood, MO. While you might not know what to expect from physical therapy when you receive your prescription from your doctor, trust that PPS Therapies will create a plan just for you. To learn more about physical therapy services at PPS Therapies, schedule an appointment with us today. Our certified physical therapists will review your prescription and needs to create a physical therapy plan for your long-term recovery success. We will help you restore the movement you may have lost due to an injury, surgery, or illness.

PPS Therapies offers a variety of services to meet the needs of patients in Lockwood, MO. If you suffered an athletic or work injury and need to recover after surgery, our physical therapy specialists will help you achieve your goals. For those who require help adapting after an illness or surgery, our occupational therapists will help develop the skills you need to live independently.

Physical Therapy Services In Lockwood, MO
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech / Language Therapy
  • In-Patient Care
  • Outpatient Services
  • Personalized 1:1 Programs

Change the way you think about physical therapy with the technologically advanced equipment used by PPS Therapies in Lockwood, MO

At PPS Therapies, we use technology to heal. In order to follow modern best practices within the physical therapy field, our specialists take the time to educate themselves about new developments in their industry. This includes researching and utilizing new technology and equipment. We aim to provide physical therapy methods that increase success while decreasing pain or discomfort. Learn more about the tools you may use at PPS Therapies in Lockwood, MO.

Our physical therapy equipment

If you are struggling with a leg injury or cardiovascular issue, walking is a common method for recovery. However, fresh injuries make walking difficult and painful. PPS Therapies helps to take the stress off joints with NuStep. NuStep provides users with a natural walking motion without causing painful joint stress. NuStep encourages functional fitness through safe, smooth, easy-to-use walking equipment. Gain your independence sooner when you practice with NuStep.

Ultrasound Therapy Unit
PPS Therapies is making chronic or acute post-traumatic pain manageable thanks to our ultrasound therapy units. These highly advanced drug-free pain relieving machines use therapeutic ultrasound to pinpoint painful joints and muscles. Our Ultrasound Therapy Units are a great choice for geriatric patients who suffer from reduced muscle mass and joint sensitivity.

To target specific muscles for healing and recovery, PPS Therapies utilizes E-Stim, a tool designed to use electrical currents to stimulate natural muscle contractions. This tool is primarily used in cases of shortened, weakened, or atrophied muscles. Build strengths and reduce pain with E-Stim at PPS Therapies.

Your physical therapy healing journey begins today with PPS Therapies in Lockwood, MO

If you have a prescription for physical therapy in Lockwood, MO, turn to the professionals at PPS Therapies. Our trained and certified physical therapists are ready to help you on your road to recovery.

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