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Recovery After an Injury, Surgery, or Illness Is Possible at Laurie, Mo’s #1 Physical Therapy Clinic, PPS Therapies

Did you recently undergo a difficult surgery? Have you been dealing with chronic pain or a troublesome injury? Physical therapy may be the solution for you. Physical therapy brings healing and enhanced movement to those who have recently experienced an injury, illness, or surgery. If you received a doctor’s prescription for physical therapy in the Laurie, MO area, contact PPS Therapies to schedule a consultation today.

PPS Therapies Is Dedicated to Your Healing & Recovery After Experiencing an Injury, Illness, or Surgery in the Laurie, MO Area

Decrease pain while increasing mobility & function with physical therapy from PPS Therapies in Laurie, MO

Recovering from a serious injury, surgery, or illness is challenging. Not only will your body require rest, but you will also need to work through any lingering pain or mobility issues in physical or occupational therapy. Without physical therapy, you may see a decrease in your mobility and an increase in chronic pain. Prevent mobility loss and suffering with PPS Therapies. Our trained physical and occupational therapists are ready to help you recover after your injury or surgery.

Depending on the type of injury you experienced, your physical therapy treatment will be tailored to meet your needs. Fortunately for residents of Laurie, MO and the surrounding communities, you can trust the team at PPS Therapies will work by your side to reduce your pain and enhance the recovery process. To better understand just how PPS Therapies will work with you, contact our Laurie, MO physical therapy clinic to learn more.

PPS Therapies provides advanced physical & occupational therapy services in Laurie, MO & the surrounding communities

Not all physical or occupational therapy techniques are right for every person. That is why, at PPS Therapies in Laurie, MO, we bring a customized care approach to each and every patient. After an injury, illness, or surgery, your doctor will likely give you a prescription for physical therapy. Our professional and certified physical therapists will review your doctor’s prescribed care and work with you to create a plan of care. If you have a prescription for physical therapy, contact PPS Therapies today. Our therapists are excited to help you on your journey to recovery.

PPS Therapies Services In Laurie, MO
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • In-Patient Care
  • Outpatient Services
  • Personalized 1:1 Programs

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is designed to restore movement, reduce pain, and build strength after surgery, injury, or illness. Without physical therapy, you may find yourself dealing with chronic pain and limited movement. However, with professional physical therapy services from PPS Therapies, you can find relief and restoration for your aching and injured body. Our therapists are committed to helping you on your recovery journey in Laurie, MO.

Occupational Therapy
When you have experienced a loss of mobility or the ability to function as you previously had, occupational therapy may be right for you. Occupational therapy is the practice of relearning or adapting to everyday activities such as eating, doing chores, and taking care of yourself. Though the road may be challenging, the occupational therapists at PPS Therapies will work with you to develop a plan for success.

Speech & Language Therapy
This particular type of therapy can be beneficial to those who experience language or speech disorders, as well as difficulty swallowing. These disorders can be the result of an illness or injury or may be a chronic concern. No matter where you are in your journey, PPS Therapies is excited to help. Our speech and language therapists use a variety of modalities and modern techniques to work on your recovery and healing. Contact PPS Therapies today to schedule a consultation for speech and language therapy.

In-Patient Care
If you recently experienced a devastating injury or underwent serious surgery, you may need in-patient physical therapy services. PPS Therapies’ in-patient clinic makes recovery easier for patients who are in full-time recovery. PPS Therapies physical therapists will come to you to provide the compassionate care you need after suffering a serious injury or facing a difficult surgery.

Outpatient Services
With PPS Therapies’ outpatient services, you are empowered to manage your physical therapy care. With a detailed, custom-designed recovery plan, you can attend appointments while continuing to live your life in Laurie, MO.

Personalized 1:1 Programs
Physical or occupational therapy is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. At PPS Therapies, our professional physical therapists will review your prescription and design a custom recovery plan just for you. Your needs are just as unique as you are, and PPS Therapies is dedicated to providing personalized one-on-one care to you.

Your recovery begins at PPS Therapies. Contact our Laurie, MO physical therapy center to schedule a consultation today

Start your healing journey with PPS Therapies today. Our physical therapists can help you recover your mobility, restore strength, and reduce pain through our advanced physical therapy techniques.

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