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Your Journey to Healing & Recovery Begins with Physical Therapy Services from PPS Therapies in Clark County, MO

After an injury, surgery, or illness, your goal is to recover quickly. However, the road to peak physical health can be long. Luckily, PPS Therapies is helping physical therapy patients in Clark County, MO find healing. Our team of professional physical therapists works hard to develop custom healing plans for you.

Experience Better Physical Therapy Recovery & Rehabilitation With PPS Therapies in Clark County, MO

PPS Therapies is a locally operated physical therapy option for patients looking for effective therapies to recover after an injury or illness. We offer a variety of therapy services to, mid-Missouri residents, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech and language therapy. Our methods have been developed by doctors and professionals passionate about bringing real recovery treatments to patients in Clark County.

To provide the best care possible for our physical therapy patients in Clark County, MO, PPS Therapies utilizes a powerful selection of tools and healing methods to develop custom physical therapy plans designed just for you. No matter what your recovery journey looks like, PPS Therapies will provide healing, encouragement, and a positive approach to physical therapy.

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Explore the physical therapy services offered by PPS Therapies in Clark County, MO

Not all injuries or illnesses require the same type of physical therapy or equipment to heal correctly. Each person is different when it comes to their healing journey. That is why PPS Therapies offers a selection of physical therapy services in Clark County, MO. To better understand what services and therapy equipment may be right for you, please schedule an appointment with PPS Therapies. Our physical therapists will consult your prescription and carefully create a plan for long-term healing and care. Our goal at PPS Therapies is to restore what you’ve lost through dedicated care.

Each PPS Therapies physical therapist has been carefully trained and certified to guide you through recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you want to recover mobility or regain independence after surgery, PPS Therapies is here to help.

Physical Therapy Services In Clark County, MO
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech / Language Therapy
  • In-Patient Care
  • Outpatient Services
  • Personalized 1:1 Programs

PPS Therapies utilizes groundbreaking equipment to enhance the physical therapy healing & recovery process in Clark County, MO

At PPS Therapies, we use technology to heal. Our therapists regularly educate themselves about the latest technology and techniques used in physical therapy to give you an edge in your healing. Through research and training, our physical therapists become fluent in the latest modalities for healing and recovery, meaning you will receive the best care possible in Clark County, MO.

Our physical therapy equipment

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill
This groundbreaking treadmill utilizes NASA-developed Differential Air Pressure technology, reducing the impact of walking or running. Your healing and recovery are at the forefront with this advanced treadmill which helps to improve strength and cardiovascular health without hindering your recovery injury.

Take the joint pain out of walking with NuStep. Enjoy a natural walking pattern while eliminating joint stress that could further aggravate an injury or painful muscle.

eTrainer Upper & Lower Bike
Exercise your upper body, lower body, or both with the eTrainer Upper & Lower Bike. Utilize one feature at a time or train with your whole body to recover strength and cardiovascular health.

When recovering muscle health, e-stim is a powerful tool that utilizes electrical currents to create muscle contractions. These contractions build strength, prevent atrophy, and reduce pain over time.

Paraffin Therapy
Recognized as one of the most effective therapy methods, paraffin therapy is the practice of applying deep heat to relieve pain and stiffness. Paraffin therapy is a great solution for fast-acting, drug-free pain relief.

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